Attendance & Welfare

Attendance and Welfare offers a powerful solution to manage all aspects of internal school attendance whilst providing statutory reporting on demand. Keeps a record of students’ negative and positive welfare incidents to allow simple management, follow up and reporting.

Communicate attendance and welfare incidents to parents and staff as they happen with built in SMS and e-mail functionality.

Generate single and bulk Attendance and Welfare letters automatically reducing the time and effort needed for this time consuming process.

Keep your school secure with our inbuilt visitor management tool - know who your visitors are, who they are meeting and log when they leave.

Sick Bay assists in the schools duty of care obligations by providing detailed incident management.

Mobile app ensures teachers and staff have access to the current student medical information and the attendance rolls at school, in both the school grounds and when on excursions.

Photo display ensures teachers and staff can easily identify students when marking the roll for an extra class or when students require medical assistance.

Detailed attendance and truancy records to comply with statutory duty of care requirements.

Identification of high achievers enables their accomplishments to be appropriately recognised.

Behavioural and disciplinary records and reports enable easy identification of at risk students.