Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence solution provides schools with the ability to analyze their vital financial, academic, economic and cultural diversity data to uncover and understand the critical trends and patterns that positively and negatively impact the schools overall performance. Armed with this intelligence, the board and teachers can identify and leverage new opportunities to improve operations, tap into new markets, and improve efficiency.

As the Business Intelligence dashboard allows you access to your data in real-time, it encourages accurate, rapid, dynamic information sharing via customizable and interactive charts, speedometers and tables. This enables cohesive collaboration across all school departments and helps you make informed decisions that promote greater communication with parents and the wider school community.

The hours previously expended in report analysis can be reduced to literally minutes!

Awesome graphics enable you to quickly identify peaks and troughs in all aspects of your school’s performance - finance, student results, attendance, etc.

Easily provide strategic reports to the school board to provide decision confidence.

Real time reporting with the ability to drill down into underlying data.

Track individual, team and school goals.

KPI tracking and automated alerts are possible.

Confidentially is maintained as staff only see data they have permission to access.