Our extremely versatile faith solution facilitates connections within the community by integrating records for families and individuals with links to digital registers, volunteer teams, interest groups, committees and planned donations. All of these community endeavours are supported within the areas of administrative management, welfare, fundraising and book keeping.

Immediate recognition of extended relationships throughout your community.

Better rapport with your members by more immediate community involvement.

Scheduled Planned Giving reduces office time by providing efficient donor management.

Digital Registers future-proof your records and allow easy extraction of information.

Multiple members in a family group can be set as donors in their own right.

Records pledged donations and enables easy comparison of pledged and received donations.

Batch processing of regular EFT and Credit Card donations reduces data entry.

Donor privacy is maintained by envelope number allocation.

Multiple donation funds can be created and their tax deductible status recorded.

Statements for tax deductible donations can be produced.

Contributions to specific funds can be automatically set based on default or individual donor settings.

Volunteer management with email and SMS communication.

Birthday lists and greetings are easily produced and sent.

Digital registers record details of acceptance into the faith, marriages, deaths etc. and details can be populated from your member records reducing data entry.

Donor management fully integrates with the General Ledger in the Finance module to provide a clear audit trail and means donations only need to be entered once.