Finance Management

Our Finance Management module is an intuitive package offering a complete solution to your school accounting requirements and encourages collaboration between all school departments. Department heads can be given autonomous control of their own budgets and purchases while leaving overall control to the Finance/Business Manager.

Using the Finance Management module in conjunction with our Business Intelligence solution schools can analyze vital financial data, to uncover and understand the critical trends that positively or negatively impact performance. Combining these two vital areas of data enable the school board to make effective financial decisions, identify new opportunities, improve school-wide operations, leverage new income streams, and increase cost-efficiency.

School friendly finances tailored to the specific requirements of schools with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Asset Register and Payroll modules all available.

Automated scheduling of key processes reduces administrative workload. Instalments enable payment plans to be easily processed and monitored.

Accounts Receivable tailored to take the administrative load out of processing fees, discounts and scholarships.

Quickly configurable to meet your school’s compliance reporting requirements.

Batch processing of payments to creditors and creating of an EFT file for the bank, reduces processing time.

Improved audit trail with all financial transactions, including adhoc bills, in one database for quick reference.

Our Payroll module is both ATO and SuperStream compliant and enables all your expenses to be processed in one database reducing double handling.

E-mail options provide a cost effective way to send information to debtors and creditors.

An ‘asset purchases prompt’ acts as a reminder to help ensure all assets are recorded.

Depreciation schedule makes the update of asset values a breeze.

Finance modules seamlessly integrate to the General Ledger reducing overheads as transactions are entered once.