SchoolEdge People

Put students at the heart of your school day. Capture, track and view all the key information about students, parents and staff through our People Management System.

SchoolEdge People allows you to:

Quickly capture parents interest in your school and easily track progress to enrolment.

Maintain records of complex family relationships and details about guardians to easily and safely communicate information to responsible individuals efficiently and effectively.

Make prompt changes and updates on individual records utilising the filter on groups or students; or to whole year groups and classes via the global change functionality with just one click.

Access, compile and submit all your essential regulatory reports efficiently reducing administrative overheads.

Simplify and streamline the complexities of school operations so you can focus on your students and improving their learning experience.

Combine with SchoolEdge Enrolment Enquiry to capture prospective parent’s interest online empowering them to provide all the details required for enrolment.

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SchoolEdge Enrolment Enquiry

Empower parents to make enquiries today and allows schools to enrol students tomorrow. Quickly and efficiently capture all the key information about prospective students' and parents from all enquiries online.

SchoolEdge Enrolment Enquiry harnesses the power of SchoolEdge to empower parents in the enrolment process. View and track the enrolment process in one place.

Save valuable time and resources with enrolments processed directly from the enquiry screen, reducing the need to re-enter data during enrolment.

Download SchoolEdge Enrolment Enquiry flyer.

View the online product demonstration.