School Management

Our School Management modules cater for a wide range of specialised school administrative functions that improve efficiency and reduce the administrative workload. All modules can be run separately or integrated seamlessly into the People and Finance modules to further simplify administration.


Events are highlights of the school community and our event module can help you organise your events seamlessly, from the initial planning stages all the way through to attendance and after event evaluation.

Covers all aspects of events from initial planning, risk assessment and strategies, invitations, costing, final approval, attendance and after event evaluation.

Keep track of all your school events and excursions in one database.

Risk assessments and strategies are recorded per event for clarity and easy reference, risk management is centralised and details are easily available to staff.

Duty of care requirements is efficiently managed.

Comprehensive event records enable future improvements to be identified.

Parent approval for student attendance.

Attendance records for the event.


Efficiently manage all your music enrolments, ensembles, instrument hire and loans, and examinations with our music module. You can keep track of students in multiple music lessons and easily schedule recurring classes - reducing the administrative workload that keeps your music programs running.

Efficiently track all your music programs.

Streamlines the billing process.

Create music classes with the ability to easily schedule recurring classes.

Enrol students in one or more music classes.

Easy re-enrolment of students reduces administrative workload.

SMS and email provide efficient communication with students and parents.

Records students’ music examination results.

Manage memberships and fees for music courses and ensembles.


Our Childcare module caters for all types of Child Care; Long Day Care, Before School Care, After School Care and Holiday Care

Manage all your child care programs in one database.

Child care records for both pre-school and school age children.

Easily report on attendance and identify vacancies.

Cost effective and timely communication with parents via email and SMS.

DEEWR approved childcare system.


Effectively manage all types of school shops and services in our inventory module so that staff can focus on the service they provide to parents and students. Inventory caters for the uniform shop, book shop, canteen, equipment hire or loans, and computer or equipment services.

Tracking equipment hire or loans becomes a breeze with all records in a central location.

Stock and service management is straight forward making administration easier.

Easy point of sale and billing functions for purchase or equipment hire.

Scheduling service provision for equipment repairs and assistance with computers and tablets is made simple.