SchoolEdge Timetable

Timetabling doesn't have to be rocket science. Automatically and efficiently build your timetables so you can focus on what really matters; helping your students fly.

SchoolEdge Timetable allows you to:

Build both simple and complex clash-free timetables quickly and efficiently, so you get the optimum spread of lessons across your timetable cycle.

Empower your staff with immediate access to timetables, room availability and timetable changes wherever they are.

Solve your timetabling puzzle by automatically generating timetables that optimise all your key staff and room resources.

Easily handle your daily organisation needs plus plan for future events with a powerful way to manage the school day.

Maximise your students’ potential through effective timetables based on their all-important subject selections.

Focus on what really matters; your students education.

The school timetable sits at the heart of school life. SchoolEdge Timetable puts students, not processes, at the heart of your timetable.

Creating a timetable can be complicated

It doesn't have to feel like rocket science! Create timetables quickly and efficiently that spread lessons, and optimize staff and rooms across the timetable cycle.

Manage the planned and unplanned

Need to cover a class because of teacher absence? Make a temporary room change? Manage events and excursions? We have that covered! Easily handle your daily school needs and share any updates with your staff through immediate access to timetable changes wherever they are.

Auto-generate timetables

Auto-generate timetable blocks based on student subject selections, assign colours to subjects to easily identify your subject spread and have the automatic generator complete your timetable for you.

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